Marketers everywhere are ditching using optin boxes to build email lists and are using this app instead.

Visitors to your website no longer have to enter their names and email addresses into an optin box for them to be added to your list.

All They Have to do is Click a Button!

That’s right! You can now add visitors to your list at the click of a button. There’s no need for an optin box!

Can you imagine how much your optin rates and ultimately your bottom line would increase if you were able to make the process of opting in that much easier for your visitors?

“It would not be a stretch to say that this app could quite possibly be the best list building tool since the autoresponder itself!”

And with more and more marketers catching on to this technology everyday, you can’t afford to sit idly by while everyone else is using it. Keep reading to learn how you can get access and start using this app or your own app today!

You may be questioning whether or not this is possible or maybe you’re wondering if it actually works or not? Well, if you’d like, you can try it out yourself. You can join my free newsletter just by clicking the button below!


Dear Marketers, Webmasters, and Online Business Owners,


I’m sure you already know that an email list is one of the most important assets an online entrepreneur could have.

The Push Optin App uses “Facebook Connect” Technology to get a higher conversion rate and build a high quality list of Facebook verified subscribers!

Well, Why is this such a big deal?

1. People trust Facebook and the name alone lends credibility to you and your business…

2. You can get a HIGHER optin rate than a simple optin form or squeeze page. Because all they have to do is Click on the “Connect with Facebook” button and click “Allow” and that’s it!

3. You’re NOT getting a “throw away” email address that is rarely checked. You get their Official Facebook Email Address That They Actually Check Every Day!

And They NEVER have to enter their First Name, Last Name or even their email address. But they’re automatically added to your email autoresponder.


If you want to build a business online and make money online, then I’m sure this app is for you.

Cause if you’re currently building a list then you should be using this app. And if you’re not building a list, then you should be!

And guess what… to use this app 

  • You don’t have to learn any code…
  • You don’t have to install any scripts…
  • And you don’t even need a website!

If you can copy and paste, you can create a Facebook Optin Link in minutes!

Here’s how easy it is to create your links:

Step #1: Enter a name for your Facebook connect link…

Step #2: Enter the URL to Your Exit Page…

Step #3: Enter HTML code from any autoresponder…That’s it!

You can also post a status update on the user’s Facebook

And you can automatically register your subscribers to
your webinar!

Here’s exactly how it works: when someone clicks on your Facebook Optin link, they’re taken to the “Request for Permission” page at Facebook. If they Allow the App, they are added to your list and sent to the “Landing Page” set in your autoresponder code or back office.

NEW! You can now customize your “Request for Permission”
page with YOUR name and photo! (see screenshot below).

I don’t know what your conversion rate is right now, and I can’t guarantee anything, but imagine if you could double your conversion rate over night. That’s an INSTANT 200% increase in sales or affiliate commissions!

Automated Viral Facebook Traffic

NEW! You can now post an update on the users wall
automatically when they opt in to receive your free gift!


Not only can you get more subscribers, but you’ll have a higher QUALITY LIST of active, verified subscribers who check their email every day.

Who doesn’t check their Facebook email?

Just imagine the subject lines you could come up with to boost your open rates!

Here’s another idea…add a Facebook Optin button to your existing squeeze pages as an “option” for your visitors to enter their email or connect securely with Facebook!

I could go on and on with the possibilities. But I’m going to leave the rest to your imagination. I think you know this technology is going to be HOT!

And the Push Optin App is the only software to make it point-and-click easy…

Instant Squeeze Page Generator

You can make squeeze pages like the one below in minutes! Just create a new page in WordPress, select a template, enter a headline, and select a few options…Your squeeze page is instantly created and ready to get subscribers!


BONUS: 7 Facebook Squeeze Pages!

Order right now and get 7 pre-formatted Facebook squeeze pages. Just add your Optin Link to the custom buttons and upload to your site!


Start using the Push Optin App to build an active list of verified subscribers today.

Ready to get started?

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60-Day, 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

60 Day 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not thrilled with this software by tomorrow morning, just let us know and we’ll refund your payment immediately.

In fact, you can use the software for a full 60 days and if you’re not satisfied for any reason,  just let us know during that time and we’ll refund your money.

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to get the Push Optin App for WordPress with FREE Lifetime Updates and a 60-Day, No-Hassle, Money-Back Guarantee!


Standard License: $37

Create one custom App and unlimited Optin Links for your personal use only.
Developer’s License: $67

Create unlimited custom Apps and Optin Links for you and your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you harvest, store, or sell data collected from Facebook?
OMG! Are you serious? That would be illegal, unethical, and down-right stupid. Subscriber data is NOT recorded or stored in any way. We simply provide the software to send your subscriber’s information from Facebook to your autoresponder.

Is this against Facebook’s Terms of Service?
No. Subscribers give permission to Allow your App to access their data. They also give you permission to send them email by requesting access to your incentive offer.

How do I use the Facebook Optin Link?
Don’t over think this…It’s a link! You can add it to an email, post it on your blog, hyperlink buttons, banners, or any other images. I suggest adding it to your squeeze page as an OPTION: “Enter your name and email or connect with Facebook.”

How do I add an optin link to Facebook?
You can use any iFrame App to display a HTML on your Facebook Fan Page.

Does this software work with self-hosted autoresponders like AutoResponse Plus?
Yes. You can add your own optin form code. There are step-by-step instructions inside the member’s area.

Click the “Add to Cart” button
below to get the Push Optin App for WordPress with FREE Lifetime Updates
and a 60-Day, No-Hassle, Money-Back Guarantee!

Standard License: $37

Create one custom App and unlimited Optin Links for your personal use only.
Developer’s License: $67

Create unlimited custom Apps and Optin Links for you and your clients.



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